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All of our coaches have a love for baseball, but more importantly, they have a love and passion for providing homeschooled young men a healthy competitive atmosphere where they can grow. They seek to challenge and improve their athletic ability as well as encourage them to be young men of character. Sports are a great place to learn life lessons, and all of our coaches desire to walk beside our athletes through the highs and lows. They desire to encourage them to always work hard, play fair, and treat others the way they would want to be treated. Having a good attitude is one of the most important character traits that they seek to instill in their players. They will encourage our players to have a willingness to try new things, see the good in people, and focus on the positive in their performance instead of always focusing on the failures that often come with baseball. Our coaches hope that through the game of baseball our players will learn how to apply these lessons not just in sports but in life as well.

Mike Tomajczyk – Director of Baseball / Head JV Coach

Mike Towsey - Head Varsity Coach

Nick Lauranzon – Head Pitching Coach & Varsity Coach

Chris Dyson - Varsity Coach

Greg Pulling - JV Coach

Jared Harker - Head MS Coach

Jacob Stout - MS Coach

Scott Peterson – CVHAA Board President

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